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Lisa Edwards will help you find your slice of Paradise. She sells real estate from North Kona to Kau.

Your Principal Broker-Celebrating 20 Years in the Industry!  


Quick replies! Easy to work with! I answer your calls, and texts promptly.

  • I will send you a Current Market Analysis for each subdivision, area, or condo complex you inquire about
  • You can search ALL Big Island properties HERE
  • I will share valuable tips on buying, and living here on Hawaii Island.
  • I will provide you with subdivision maps and helpful info for your decision making needs.
  • Please remember, I am not in the business of tour guide. If you're new to the area and need help locating subdivisions please ask me for a map. 
  • My clients deserve my undivided loyalty and priority scheduling. Therefore, I exclusively serve buyers (and sellers) with whom I have signed representation agreements.


 Kailua-Kona to Ka'u Specialist I can offer pertinent information to buyers who wish to settle in Hawaii. Everything from helping you locate the right piece of vacant land in rural off-grid Hawaii to obtaining your dream ocean-front condo in the heart of Kailua-Kona. Allow me, a seasoned realtor, to work for you. 



NORTH KONA Some of Lisa's Favorites

SOUTH KONA More For Your Money

KA'U Living in Paradise!

Ka'u Land for Sale

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Lots and Land for Sale in Hawaii, KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii $325,000
7 photos
73-4341 LIHILIHI PL, Lot Lot #: 90 $325,000 USD Lots and Land
Homes for Sale in Hawaii, OCEAN VIEW, Hawaii $299,500
24 photos
92-8834 Leilani Parkway $299,500 USD 1,200 sq. ft. Residential
Homes for Sale in Volcano, Hawaii $190,000
14 photos
54 KOKOKAHI RD Volcano $190,000 USD 420 sq. ft. Residential
Lots and Land for Sale in Captain Cook, Hawaii $95,000
6 photos
PIKAKE AVE, Lot Lot #: 18 Captain Cook $95,000 USD Lots and Land
Lots and Land for Sale in Captain Cook, Hawaii $85,000
8 photos
PIKAKE AVE, Lot Lot #: 11 Captain Cook $85,000 USD Lots and Land
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Seller's Tips and Resources

For Sellers

 WOULD AWARD WINNING PRESENTATION benefit your property? Then it should be my next listing! It takes talent to make one listing stand out in a crowded market. KONA HOMES Inc. and I will focus quality attention on your property,  including custom photos of all properties listed (including vacant land), creative and professional digital and postal marketing. We will put a lifetime of experience at your disposal when it is time to help you negotiate. Finally, our understanding of the closing process and attention to detail will help bring your property to the closing table.


FIRST THINGS FIRST:  A Current Market Analyis

Before selling, please take a look at the FREE CMA I will have sent you. That will give you a much needed idea of the housing sales in that area. Please pay special attention to the SOLDS. 


*I no longer list properties that were previously "For Sale by Owner". 

*I will no longer list/sell properties for other agents (whether active or inactive) who live in the state of Hawaii. Differences in escrow and sales processes are extreme. I extensively know Hawaii processes. Hawaii is DIFFERENT and unique in ALL aspects. 

*If you have had a name-change (divorce, marriage etc..) escrow will need to see proof of name change if name on deed is different) 

* Property held in an LLC? Escrow will need a copy of a Certificate of Good Standing

*Property held in a Trust? Escrow will need a copy of that trust.  

*Unfortunately, I no longer physically assist sellers with moving, packing, driving, shipping or any other relocation services. Please click HERE for local service providers.

*I do not participate in "open listings"  or "net listings".

*Documents requested from me are time-sensitive.


 Buying scams are REAL. Please avoid all mail solicitations from companies wanting to BUY your land for cheap. THESE ARE SCAMS. Been around for DECADES--preying on older land owners or absentee land owners. Call me for list of company names that are on the SCAM LIST. They purchase property for cheap, transfer title to their companies and auction them off for exagerrated prices. Do NOT sell your property this way. 

* I now require all vacant land to be STAKED or SURVEYED prior to listing.




  • Don't  overprice​. Pay special attention to the SOLDs in the CMA
  • If you believe that all that Realtors do is input data into a computer and wait for a commission check, please do not hire me. Same goes for if you truly dont want to sell your property. If your goal is to actually let it sit because you really dont "want or need" to sell, I am not the agent for you. My goal is to SELL your property and bring you the best price that I can in the given market.
  • The higher (as compared to the other properties) you list your property, the longer it remains on the market. Adjust your price and allow for some wiggle room. If you haven't had any offers within 2-3 months, or if you have rejected fair comparable offers,  you've overpriced it. I will not list any property significantly higher than shown comparables. 
  • Hawaii MLS AND my website are syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, RedFin, an others--in the U.S and Canada-Your property IS adverstised-All over!
  • Don't hover over showing appointments, surveyors, other agents that are showing the property, or appraisers. It would even be best not to be there. We can trust each other in this industry to use lock boxes, close and lock homes, gates and leave the property secured when we leave.
  • Why a Home Seller should NOT talk with the buyers or their agents
  • Do not "non-disclose". Please disclose all pertinent information regarding your home. Pay special attention to boundary pins, electrical permits (or no permits), building permits (or none), repairs, remodels, water damage, termite damage that you know of and anything else a buyer or myself need to be aware of. I will be giving you a Real Property Disclosure Statement that only you can fill out. Please be as thorough as possible and do not leave out important information. 
  • Read your contract~let me repeat~read your contract.
  • "Seller's Remorse" is real-especially paying my commission. Let me know right away if you are having these concerns.
  • We will be using Docusign. Having different email addresses for each seller will be helpful. All documents signed via Docusign will be automatically returned to you after all signatures have been received. Please keep these copies for your records.
  • Please follow the timelines in the contract. There are certain due-by dates and we need to follow those deadlines. 
  • As a home-owner/seller, you may be asked to pay for: Staking/Survey, and Termite Inspection and treatment of termites if found. You will also be asked to fill out the Real Property Disclosure Statement.
  • Please DO NOT TURN OFF POWER to your home any time during the sale. Your home may need to be appraised and it is imperative that the appraiser have access to power. 
  • Both Seller and Buyer appreciate an escrow/sale that closes on time. Please promptly return all paperwork to escrow. Remember that your deed (and closing documents) will need to be signed and returned promptly to avoid an extension of escrow. 
  • Non-Hawaii Resident Sellers-Please be aware that the State of Hawaii will withold 7.25% of the sales price (HARPTA)
  • The signed deed, all paperwork and all buyers funds will need to be received by escrow at least two business days before closing. Transactions do NOT record until all funds have been received. Remember we are NOT the Mainland. Our loan sources are typically in different time zones. Please be patient. 
  • Proceeds from the sale will be available by the end of the closing day if you have requested a bank wire. If you have chosen by USPS, it takes 3-5 business days to arrive..contrary to p

Buyer's and Sellers Resources-TIPS

Buyer's Tips

  • Bring proof of funds. Whether you are buying vacant land or a brand new home. 
  • Planning on getting a loan? Get pre-approved by a lender, and bring the pre-qualification letter with you.
  • If you have been referred to me by another agent, or are currently working with another licensed agent, I will request a referral agreement before we hit the road looking for properties. No referral agreement, no out-and-about searching.
  • I will ask you to sign a Buyers Agency Agreement-means you are serious about buying and I am serious about finding you that perfect property. 
  • If you are buying site-unseen, I highly recommend you spend a large amount of time researching the area in which you are choosing to buy before making an offer. 
  • Google, search, search and do some more searching on the internet before having me write up an offer. The best time for questions is BEFORE we write the contract, NOT during escrow. 
  • First things first: A Buyers Rep Agreement must be signed, then the Purchase Contract can be signed (and a Counter Offer if necessary) then we open escrow.
  • Read your contract~let me repeat: Read your contract. 
  • If you are uncertain about escrow charges or fees, or need explanations of their services, please call escrow. I do not work for escrow and can only give you estimates.
  • If you are uncertain of the terms of your contract, please seek the advice of an attorney. Popular issues are: staking, power, building permits. Sellers are NOT obligated to stake/survey the land, neither are they responsible to provide power. Please make sure you understand what you are buying. Do not expect a seller to pay for staking when making low offers, nor expecting there to be power availble to inexpensive properties. Those important items will be disclosed to you during the first part of the contract AND when the agent shows the property. Please read your contract or ask me if you are unsure. 
  • "Buyer's Remorse" is real...let me know right away if you are having these concerns. If you are not 100% certain that you are ready to buy, please hold off on making offers. 
  • We will be using Authentisign. Having different email addresses for each buyer will be helpful. All documents signed via Authentisign will be automatically returned to you after all signatures have been received. Please keep these copies for your records.(Look for them at the very bottom of the email-they will be attached as PDFs)
  • Wire funds to escrow (or hand deliver or mail money order or cashier's check-no cash accepted and NO Wal-Mart money orders and NO ACH account transfers.)in a timely manner. (You may use a personal check drawn on a Hawaii bank for initial deposits only)
  • *Be aware! On-line FRAUD is on the rise.*Please call the escrow company and verify wiring instructions before wiring.

  • Follow timelines and try and return emails, phone calls and texts promptly.
  • Check emails daily. Escrow will be in contact with you for the next 30-45 days. Make sure you are familiar with signing digitally, as well as wiring funds.
  • Both Seller and Buyer appreciate an escrow/sale that closes on time. Please promptly return all paperwork to escrow. Remember that your funds (and closing documents) will need to be received by escrow at least 2 business days prior to closing to avoid an extension of escrow.